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Throughout history, our technological strides have undoubtedly shrunk the world and streamlined our existence, yet they've also silently escalated our vulnerability to health risks.

These risks stem from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) radiating from the myriad of electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, and modern appliances that punctuate our daily routines.

Max Chua CEO

At emfMax, formerly known as Choizya, our founder's personal encounter with EMR's harmful effects sparked a mission to mitigate these invisible threats.

With a solid engineering background, innovative shielding solutions were developed, leading to remarkable health improvements.

Since 2013, emfMax has been at the forefront of EMF awareness, providing tailored solutions to shield homes, workplaces, and individuals while fostering global awareness on EMR's health impacts. Our rebranding as emfMax amplifies our commitment to maximizing safety in our increasingly wireless world.

What If Reducing EMF Could Unlock More Peace of Mind and Productivity? Find Out How with emfMax for Homes and Commercial Property.

Office Spaces shielded from radio frequency signals interference.

Enterprise Singapore

230 Victoria Street

Max is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I was having a lot of health issues, some no doubt caused by two large cell towers pointing directly into my master bedroom and ensuite. I was having itchiness in my head, tremors, and shakiness. Max measured the EMF readings in all of my unit, particularly in my master bedroom where the readings were highest. He installed curtains in my windows as well as on my wall, facing directly the cell towers. He also made a piece of fabric for me to cover myself when I surf the internet. He taught me the best way to insulate myself from the harmful EMF. Max also helped to install my wifi, which was a lot less damaging than mobile hotspot (the latter I didn't realise was so harmful). Since these were installed, my symptoms improved tremendously, particularly my head itchiness. I will be engaging Max to install the film on my ensuite windows. He's always extremely helpful and responsive. I highly recommend Max if you have EMF issues or if you have some unknown health issues (which could very well be caused by EMF in your home/office). - Ms Lien Ton Nu

RFID shielding for library's books management facilities.

National Library of Singapore

100 Victoria Street

I was reading about the effects of emf exposure and realise that there were actually quite a few cell transmitters surrounding my unit. As I was staying at the top floor, I become quite concern about the emf exposure and decided to contact Choizya. It did not take long for Max to reply to my enquiry. We had a chat over a call and he immediately decided on a systematic plan forward. The next week, he came down to the unit and personally took the readings at different locations and clearly explaining to me the different emf exposure limits. He was thorough in his approach even considering cost and feasibility of different solutions before proposing to me. We swiftly decided on the measures. During the installation of the curtains and films as well as the painting of the walls, Max was constantly in touch with me updating me on the schedule and supervising his workers to ensure that the job was properly done. Finally, we did a base level check of the emf levels in the house and to my relief the measures worked as he promised, the levels were brought down to a safer level. The entire process was highly professional and I am thankful for his dedication to his work. I highly recommend Choizya and Max if you are looking to create a healthy and safe living environment for you and your family. - Lim Bing Yao

Myth: EMF Solutions are Too Complex for Everyday Use. Reality: emfMax Makes Protection Simple for Homes and Businesses Alike.

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