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EMF Threat That May Be The Bane of Your Dream Home

January 18, 20245 min read

Buying your first home is a huge step in life. And like every major planned life event, it comes with a lot of careful consideration and decisions to be made. What factors do you consider when you want to buy a house? The convenience of its location, how accessible it is, a quiet and safe neighbourhood, and so on. Then you would also look at the numerical values - the size of the house, the price and the resale value. Other things you would take into account would be your lifestyle needs - the distance to your workplace, your children’s school, your parent's house etc. Perhaps you might also prefer it to be near a nature park, so you can go for a run regularly or bring your kids out on weekends.   

All the above factors are no doubt important, and are easily identified. But what about an equally important factor that often goes unnoticed? Something that would actually leave a great impact on your life especially in the long run, but is hardly ever mentioned when talking about choosing a home. That forgotten factor is the Electromagnetic Radiation / Field (EMR/EMF) level of the house and its surroundings.

EMR or EMF (interchangeable terms) is a harmful by-product of the use of electronics and technology, and is a significant polluting element in our environment. EMR encompasses a wide range of frequencies of non-ionizing radiation, which includes Radio Frequency (RF), Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF e.g. dirty electricity). The exponential increase in the use of electronics and subsequently, wireless technology and smart devices in the past few decades have resulted in an increased exposure to these non-ionizing radiation (NIR) in all aspects of our daily life. And this will only get worse in the future, with plans of 5G and smart cities well underway.

Radiation has been a buzzword for a while, but to what extent does it impact your life? Excessive exposure of these radiations has been linked with increased cancer risks, and affects various aspects of health (DNA damage, impaired immunity, fertility issues, oxidative stress, plasma glucose levels in diabetic patients, symptoms of multiple sclerosis, asthma and other respiratory illnesses, insomnia, depression, anxiety, skin rash, hair loss etc.), and general wellbeing (tiredness, frustration, irritation, concentration problems, learning and memory issues etc.). The list is non-exhaustive. Watch this video to understand more on how excessive Electromagnetic Field /Radiation (EMF/EMR) in your home can be damaging to your health. You can learn more about the dangers of EMF Radiation here.

So where does EMR come from in the external environment of your house? These are some potential hazards that are in your surroundings, that you may not be aware of:

  • Smart/Advanced meters (using wireless technology to monitor power and water usage)

  • Power substations

  • Power overhead lines

  • High power underground cables

  • Mobile phone antennas / towers (2G to 5G) that are sometimes strategically positioned to appear hidden or ambiguous

  • Power distribution installations (power distribution panels and boards)

As you can see, radiation is ubiquitous. But not all hope is lost. Being aware of EMR/EMF and its risks is already a first step. The next step that you can take is to detect such hazards in your area, and find solutions to protect yourself against an overexposure. And in terms of buying a property, you can start by having your potential home be assessed for its EMR/EMF level

Here are six environmental factors to consider when purchasing a property:

  1. The location, not only in terms of convenience and accessibility, but also the distance from substations, cell phone towers etc.

  2. The level you’re at - generally, the higher you are, the higher level of exposure. But this also depends on how mobile phone antennas from your surroundings are positioned. Sometimes antennas are tilted downwards, which means the lower levels are directly affected. 

  3. Power system installations like substations, transformers and electrical wiring. 

  4. Houses that are potentially affected by radiation from stationary and mobile radar emitted from marine, military and aviation operations.  

  5. Buildings that use energy efficient products and equipment like solar panels, which gives off high EMF.

  6. Obscure mobile phone antennas - these could be installed at any time, so it is best to regularly check the EMR/EMF level of your home for external influences or future-proof it with EMF shielding solutions

Sometimes you’ll find a house that satisfies all the criteria of your dream home, but you discover that the EMF level is high. The good news is, you can still get that dream home by shielding yourself and your loved ones with EMR/EMF shielding solutions for your home and yourselves. Well-built thick walls and proper electrical wiring can reduce your EMR exposure. You can also use Wireless Radiation Shielding Fabric as curtains, Shielding Window Films, and Shielding Paint for your walls.

If you are currently a homeowner, and you have no intention of buying a new house, it is still recommended to check the EMR/EMF level of your home. Especially if you have frequent unexplained physical ailments like aches, lethargy, behavioural changes and trouble sleeping. As explained earlier, this might be due to EMR overexposure. In fact, there is a condition called Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS, where people develop a sensitivity to EMF over time due to the overwhelming exposure. In the worst cases in the UK, EHS sufferers are forced to move out from modern society and live in remote communities in ‘EMF-free zones’. There are even countries where houses near cell phone towers are sold at a cost of 20 percent lower than normal

To both future and current homeowners, despite the unseen risks that technology comes with, know that there are solutions to mitigate them. A home could be an investment for a lifetime and for future generations, and when health is concerned, we’d like to advocate for wireless safe living while still enjoying the benefits of technology. Consider all the factors - physical and environmental - to make your home a worthwhile investment.

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